Commissioning Effective Video Communications

A one day training course for marketing, communications and procurement professionals.

These days you simply can't ignore the use of video, especially online video. It's a powerful way to communicate in a rapidly expanding place of opportunity.

If your company is intent on using video as part of its marketing, communications and training, shouldn't you feel confident that you know how the whole process works? Wouldn't you like to know whether the production companies you are commissioning are doing the best possible job for you? What's the best practice for procurement? How do you get the most powerful piece possible? And how do you measure success?

Whether your company spends £5,000 or £500,000 on film and video work each year, we can help you understand and streamline the process while maximising the return on your investment.

"Commissioning Effective Video Communications" is a one day training course tailored specifically for marketing, communications and procurement professionals. It includes case studies and practical workshops and deals with the complete procedure - from before you even commission a film and consider how to integrate it with all else you do, right through to production, post-production, distribution and evaluating success.

Next Course Date: Tuesday 21st February.

Venue: In London, tbc.

(We always arrange for the most convenient and suitable venue for delegates, including in-house, if that's what you'd prefer).

For bookings, more information and some startling facts about the power of video contact Jules or Duncan -